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    The Wild is Home

    Read below to hear from our community on what the wild means to them. Thank you to all those who sent in their thoughts and writing.

    The Wild is Home Kit features artwork inspired by our love for all things wild.  



    Through the millennia, humans have endlessly augmented themselves with so many comforts that were never part of our hunter-gatherer DNA, and might be unnecessary and ineffective to produce what we desire. Some of us seem to have discovered comfort in discomfort. Stripped bare. Toiling under a sky full of stars. Feeling each breath. Our very mortality at the end of our nose. Perhaps this is really a rediscovery of forgotten purpose. There in our DNA. Each body's time is limited. Will you protect yours like a collectible car? Or will you drive it?
    - Joshua Hough


    I run in the wild because out on the trails it's not about pace but about a connection to the places we run in, and with ourself. On the trails, in forests and en route to peaks I find solitude and peace and there is a raw rugged beauty in running in wild places. When I run on trails versus road, I slow down, I notice what's around me and I can hear myself think. I appreciate the stunning places I have been fortunate enough to run in. I hope that one day my young nieces will learn to love these wild places as much as I do. 
    -Kristine Chew
    I run in the wild because it allows me space to think and process. I also get to see things I wouldn’t normally see in a day to day. You get to experience at a whole different level! 
    -Collin Bell


    What I have learned and what I need to remind myself of on the days I am feeling lazy or down, is that I am a better human being on the days I have been on the trail.  My personality skews negative.  Trail running makes me happier, more patient with myself and others, and a better wife, mom and friend. 

    -Denise Vine

    There is nothing better than waking up to run in the woods at 6 am. While it is still a little dark outside, the crickets are still chirping, and nobody is there except you and the trails. There is a sense of peace and joy that running in the wild brings, something you can’t obtain from running on unexciting roads. When I run in the woods I enjoy listening to nature speak to me, the rushing rivers hidden deep in the woods and the birds chirping up above. As everyday life brings anxiety, worry, pressure, and fear it is nice to get out and just run. I don’t have to worry about what is ahead but rather what is in front of me. What the next step is going to be, being spontaneous and finding adventure with every new path. The wilderness is my home, it is something that I take for granted way too many times and have come to realize that it has given me so much. I have come to realize that there is an adventure within life, you just have to find the right trail. 
    - Lillie Siniard

    5 miles, 5 miles, 5 miles, 5 miles, 5miles…and one mile.  This is six hours of time where my feet carry me away from everything that tethers me to my days.  Away from friends, family, pavement, work, chores-all of it.  Toward a hard-pack trail that sidles up to a wild thistle field, across a small dam’s bridge and onto narrow windy singletrack that skirts farmland, first green, then yellow.  Next to black oaks whose seed pods rattle like snakes in the wind.  Down a short piece of road then straight up a lung-busting section.  Flowy switchbacks leading to what you know is the last chunk of a lap.  Finally, a quick muddy switchback down to where a volunteer kindly tracks your laps so you don’t have to.  Every lap, every hour, further & further from what binds you to your days and closer & closer to a kind of freedom that only comes this way.   (Walla Trails, Walla Walla 6 Hour)
    -Tammy Bennet

    I run in the wild to slow my mind down, and be a part of this earth.  
    Nature has so much more to offer for the soul when running such as the sound of the trees in the wind, all the different birds and sometimes animals that also share the trail.  Connection to nature is why I run wild.
    -Beth Paulson

    Serenity. Peace. Happiness.

    Running in the wild brings a feeling of bliss.

    From the moment I start to plan a run on the trail,

    Something in my mind changes every time without fail.


    A sweeping feeling of calm floods through my mind,

    Knowing I’ll be one with nature in just a matter of time.

    Something to hold on to and get me through the day to day,

    Soon my body and soul in the wild will play.


    Like a siren singing to a sailor in rough seas,

    Nature is calling over rolling hills and through tall trees.

    Waiting patiently to answer the call,

    Navigating life and balancing it all.


    One more page, one more call, one more meeting.

    Closer and closer to the wild, life’s troubles are fleeting.

    Almost there, reached the point of preparation.

    Stretch, roll, fuel, don’t forget the hydration.


    Performing these chores with a smile on my face,

    Not a care about whether it’s for a stroll or a race.

    My body knows we are getting back out there,

    It is time for a primitive return to nature.


    Territory hat on, laces are tied.

    A cloud of dust billows from that very first stride.

    A deep breath in of fresh air as I take a look around,

    Blinded by the beauty of the wild that so vastly abounds.


    The sun shines down and I feel the warmth as I exhale,

    Stress starts to fade as my feet carry me down the trail.

    I hear a rustling and can see waves of green grass flow in the breeze,

    I feel the cool air against my salty skin and my mind begins to ease.


    Mind, body, and soul are relieved. I’ve returned to the wild.

    Escaped the concrete jungle so grey and defiled.

    My psyche is free, my muscles are strong.

    Deep down inside I can feel this is where I belong.


    Cruising along. Feet on the dirt. Head in the clouds. How sublime.

    Then I see that first incline. Uh oh. Time to climb.

    So daunting. Is that a hill or a mountain?

    Do I even have it within me to make this happen?


    The doubt creeps in but I continue to push forward.

    Driven by reaching the summit as a sweet reward.

    Up, up, up. Finally getting to the top. 

    Enjoying the victory and the view as I finally come to stop.


    Sweat dripping, gasping for air.

    Feeling accomplished like I can run anywhere.

    Legs burning, heart pumping in overdrive.

    In this state of painful euphoria, I truly feel alive.


    Onward, there’s many miles more to go.

    It matters not if the pace is fast or slow.

    For I am in nature, my shoes on the dirt not the cement.

    I’m free to vastly glide and dance wildly down each descent.


    All over this land like a nomad I’m free to roam,

    Outside my house, the open air sure does feel like home.

    Mountains, deserts, valleys, beaches, and lakes.

    These are the places that are worth all the pains and aches.


    As I return to reality with a sore body and clear head,

    I know I can endure now that my soul has been fed.

    This is freedom, stress and anxiety exiled.

    Let us run in nature, and always stay wild.

    -Travis Anderten

    Less chance of getting run over by a car. Also bird song. The bird song at this time of the year in Ireland ... it would make you want to run all day


    What a beautiful spot for a run! I love running in the wild because it sets my mind free! The fresh air, the serene surroundings and the challenge of mentally placing each step with precision! No better place to run! #runnersofthewild ‍♂️ ️


    🤨 the technical parts just make time fly and it just seems like your zooming even though its slower than on the road. Views, trees, no really long stretches of road where nothing changes. Twists and turns. Fast past switching between muscles used. 


    You can’t beat the scenery and it feels like the ultimate freedom.


    The trail gives me answers to questions I didn’t even realize I had.


    The wild is where I was born to be. The wild is real, present, and non-judging. The wild is free. That’s why I run wild.


    Running in the wild keeps me out of debt. That kind of running doesn’t allow you to spend all of your now on things past or yet to be. You have to stay present, or pay with blood.


    My feet float, my mind wanders, my ears perk up and time slips by, noticed but not binding.


    Because it’s better than running in the tame. 


    It’s an escape. A vacation from the everyday views, routines and timelines.