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    New easy to apply stick

    Provides an effective barrier to help prevent chaffing wherever friction occurs.

    Our anti chafe balm contains 100% natural ingredients.

    • Beeswax - helps calm and soothe skin

    • Cocoa Butter -Great at healing dry/sensitive skin

    • Sunflower Oil - Rich in Vitamin E

    • Castor Oil - Anti-fungal/microbial & moisturizing


    Our customer feedback:

    "Your anti chafe balm is incredible! In the past I used other anti chafe products, and I would get brutal chafing around my bra line. Since using your balm I have had no chafing. None. Zero!! Thank you so much for creating such an incredible product!!" - Suzanne Reese - Sunnyvale, CA

    "..after going through my first jar of it and being extremely pleased with NO chafing in the usual spots over the course of many runs, I was a believer. This stuff rocks! No mess. No weird smell. Works like a charm. This is now an integral part of my running kit, no matter the distance or conditions." - Steven Mortinson a.k.a Sweaty Steven -Portland, OR


    2.65 oz


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