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    Wy'east Wolfpack


    Our Partner for Coaching & Training in Portland, OR and beyond.

    Wy'east Wolfpack shares our philosophy of living close to nature and seeking what is wild and free. They fight to live with this spirit every day and they've made it their life work to get people moving and feeling good. 

    The Wolfpack connects people of all ages, shapes and sizes to the joys of fitness and physical activity.  From just beginning on a path toward health and wellness to training to tackle the trails or climb a mountain peak, they provide breathtaking outlets for physical, mental and inner-personal growth. 

    They do one-on-one coaching and small group classes, corporate wellness and privately guided dream trips, providing the highest quality and most personalized service around. 

    Come out for a Thursday Night Social Run and get to know us. 6pm each week at a changing location.

    There is an outstanding group of wonderful folks here in the Portland, Oregon trail community and we'd love for you to join. 

    All Runners of the Wild members receive 50% off to Wolfpack bootcamps. Email them for the promo code.

    Email the Wolfpack at getafterit@wyeastwolfpack.com