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    Matt Flaherty

    Favorite home trail

    Pate Hollow, a challenging 6 mile loop in the Hoosier National Forest, with nearly 1,000 feet of climbing (a lot for Indiana!); this trail is a go-to for locals. Also, the 48-mile Knobstone Trail is the trail gem of southern Indiana.

    Why I run

    I run to socialize. To build community and to find my community. To find my limits. To compete. I run for joy, for escape, for meditation, and to process grief. And to see the beauty of the world all around me, wherever I live or travel.

    Bloomington's best kept secret

    The wealth of trails that are running distance from town. Most people know a few of the trails at Griffy Lake, but they are far more extensive than people realize, with probably 20 miles or more of singletrack in the whole system. Check out a Strava heat map to explore your options!

    Best place for Pizza or tacos

    For pizza, either the classic Mother Bear's or the newer (but equally delicious) King Dough. As for tacos, I've gotta say Pili's Party Taco, the best food truck in town. :)