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    Photo by Glen Tachiyama


    James Maska

    Favorite home trail

    any of the singletrack behind Holiday Valley in Ellicottville. There's 30 miles of dedicated trails back there -- you can make a different loop every time and never get bored. Less than an hour from Buffalo, and it will always be worth the drive.

    Why I Run

    Throughout my adulthood, there have been so many changes and variables, but the one thing that has always stayed constant has been running. Running enforces self-discipline, mental and physical toughness, and self-discovery through pushing new boundaries and really seeing what you're made of. Running rewards you with a sense of accomplishment, gratitude for the trails, new friends, and the ability to be a part of a really strong and supportive community

    My city's best kept secret

    The best vegetarian breakfast in the world is at Amy's Place -- lentils, broccoli, homefries, toast, and BBQ seitan for like $6.00 if you get there before 9:00 AM. Kayaking on the Buffalo River between the massive grain elevators is one of the coolest experiences that most visitors miss out on. 

    Best place for pizza or burritos  

    Bocce Club on Bailey Avenue, just north of UB's South Campus, has consistently incredible pizza. And there's no better place for a burrito than Lloyd Taco Factory.