It was 7am on a Sunday. The sun was out and was even somewhat warm. I had a plan to hit the trails, take in that quiet from the forest and get my heart pumping.  

Conditions were ripe.

And then...I didn't go.


A lot of us go through periods of life where motivation is lower, running loses its joy and it is down right hard to get the door.

We want to offer you a boost to push you not just over the hump but to add in key elements so that you do more than return to your normal running routine. We want you to find that running FLOW!

There have been many periods in my running life where I was running on autopilot. This was not the good sit back and relax kind of autopilot, but the doing the same routes, stuck in the same old thinking and not really growing as a runner kind of autopilot.

In order to consistently have more fun (which should be the goal) we need to break out of our molded routines and bring in new elements to our running.  

This will give you a refresh on your running routine, bring in more opportunities for feeling good and most importantly finding what works for YOU.


Our 7 Day Find your Flow Challenge is a way to get you motivated and bring about the flow state that many of us don't find often enough.  


FLOW STATE: being in the zone! Finding a deep and incredibly satisfying focus in an activity while exerting ourselves just to the right level of challenge. Your mind finds a place to relax while the body seems to engage in the activity autonomously. Basically an awesome state to be in and will energize you for more running.    


How it works:

You sign up with a click below FOR FREE. Yes, we know how it sucks to be in a running rut so we are giving this away for free.

Each day you will be sent an email with a new idea or tool to implement for your next run to bring about better energy and flow.

This includes:

1. Methods to change your mindset before and during a run.

2. Changing the way you measure the quality of a run.

3. Adding in components that bring about a state of flow.

It all comes together on the last day of this challenge where you find that zen like flow. 

And to top it off, on the last day of the challenge you will receive a one of a kind deal that you won't want to miss!

I can’t wait to see you there.