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    Running provides so many positive things for me, but the simplest way to put it is this: to see a hill, valley, or mountain may be beautiful, but the only way I can truly feel fulfilled is to become a part of the scenery and run through the landscape. It’s how I bond with nature and truly appreciate the world we live in. I often blow kisses when I run or touch the trees/plants as I run by them. Additionally, running keeps my emotions balanced, my mind clear, and my heart strong.




    Completed over 35 ultras

    3rd fastest time at the Hagg Lake 50k (3:40:53)

    Finished Western States 100 in 18:36:51

    Completed leisurely treks around many Northwest Volcanos, through the Grand Canyon, into the Highlands of Scotland, and across the French/Swiss/Italian Alps.

    FKT for circumnavigating the Matterhorn Ride at Disneyland


    Where I live:

    Portland, OR


    Home Trails:

    Loowit Trail (Mt. St. Helens). This trail always feels like I'm dancing with the mountain.