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    I run to push my emotional and physical limits in a meaningful way under the watchful eye of the trees, the mountains, and the rivers. I find great pleasure in sharing these experiences with friends, whether it is during a race or an adventure run. Trail running demands complete focus and awareness of all the environmental cues that the mind is registering at a frantic, but controlled pace. Most importantly trail running is an outlet for me and Jenn to escape the cluster of society and connect with each other in a very simple and genuine way.



    2017 Races
    4/9 – Peterson Ridge Rumble 20 miler
    5/13 – Smith Rock 50k
    8/1 – Volcanic 50k
    8/19 – Waldo 100k
    10/23 – Elk-Kings Traverse 20k

    Adventure Goals
    6/16 – Bighorn 100 (Pacing and Crewing Jenn Love)
    6/24-6/25 – Western States 100 (Pacing and Crewing Gary Geist)
    7/28 – Mazamas Ultra and Mountain Running Camp (Assistant Instructor for Krissy Moehl and Jeff Browning)
    8/11 – Fat Dog 120 (Pacing and Crewing Larry Stephens)
    Sept. 2017 – Olympic National Park Adventure Run

    Where I live
    Portland, OR

    Home Trail
    The Enchantments Trail (Leavenworth, WA)