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    I run to grow. I run to know. I learn the most about myself while I explore our wild landscapes on foot. I need wild. More so than the individual aspect of my running, is my trail community. The knowledge and friendship they share as a result of their own life experience, is something I can never take for granted. The best part about the amazement, the grit, the challenge, the magic, the scenery you can’t capture in a photo, is sharing it with another.




    2nd place finish Cascade Crest 100 2016 (my most memorable race achievement) 


    2017 Race/Adventure goals/plans:

    April 9th- Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 2017

    April 29th-Tillamook Burn 50M(still deciding on 50/50)

    June 16th- Bighorn 100 

    Late September Unsupported FKT with best friend Ashley on the John Muir Trail

    I may throw another race in if I feel necessary!


    Where I live:

    Portland, Oregon


    Home Trails: 

    Wonderland. There are still so many I have yet to explore!