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    All domestic members receive free shipping when order value is over $35.  Use code "over35rotw" to claim your free shipping.

    If you are a tier 2 or 3 member in the past year please email Aly@territoryrun.co for your freeshipping and discount codes.



    1. You do NOT need to renew your status as a Runner of the Wild. You are a member for life. Still part of our community and this page and will continue to receive Free shipping on all orders over $35 (Domestic Only).
    2. Tier Benefits (Free Shipping/Discounts) 
         If you bought a tier 2 or 3 membership, your tier membership discounts will expire one year after your purchase. 
    3. If you wish to renew your tier status for the benefits of that tier in an upcoming membership opening, you can choose to purchase a tier to reap its benefits for another year. Remember - You can choose not to and still continue to be part of the Runners of the Wild Team.