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    Part Time Fulfillment Shop Manager

    We are looking for a new part-time Fulfillment Shop Manager to be a part of our Territory Run Co. team at our new St. John’s location. This is an independent position and is great for an introvert that enjoys putting on music or a podcast and working.  

    Job Roles:

    Manage our fulfillment shop by organizing incoming products. 

    Maintain an organized space.

    Use our shipping software to print out packing slips and shipping labels.

    Pack orders and drop off at local post office.

    Handle returns and exchanges.

    Contact customers to inform them of changes to their orders or to seek information on returns/exchanges. 

    Maintain communication with Territory Run Co staff. 

    What skills/ interests we are looking for:

    Someone who will take initiative to make our fulfillment shop their own organized and tidy space.

    Attention to detail when packing products and shipping out orders

    Self motivated to work in an independent environment.

    A great communicator with team members and our customers. 

    Enjoys reaching out to new people.

    Has no problem asking for help.

    Ability to carry out the Territory brand values in presentation of shipments and language when corresponding with customers.

    Passion for running and the outdoors.  

    Hours and Pay

    This is a part time hourly position.

    12-18 hours per week January-November

    20-25 hours per week in December.

    Health care benefits possible.

    $17 per hour.

    The new Territory Run Co. shop is located in St. Johns under the bridge sharing a courtyard with Occidental Brewing. If you are a trail runner or hiker you have Forest Park to hop over to after any shift.