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    Running is one of the deepest expressions I have for myself.  We live in a society that somehow feels as if our souls are held back and have little opportunity for release. I'm willing to shout and scream more on the trails, able to let go and burn all my energy to exhaustion, and I just love that.  I've identified as a runner since elementary school. Though I've taken months and years off here and there, the ritual of lacing up shoes, starting a watch and letting the land slide by is written in my muscles and bones.  



    Podium Finishes: 2014 Mackenzie River 50k, 2015 Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 mile, 2015 Mt. Hood 50, 2015 Waldo 100k

    Wins: 2015 Mackenzie River 50k, 2016 Waldo 100k, 2016 Elk-Kings 50k

    FKTs: Former Timberline Trail unsupported FKT holder; current Devil's Dome Loop (North Cascades NP) FKT holder




    Where I live:  

    Portland, OR


    Home Trails:  

    Anything in the Wallowa Mountains in the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area.  The place offers ridge runs from peak to peak with lakes and rivers to drop into below.  It's an absolute playground.  In fact, mountain running started for me here. My dad, a high school teammate and I would backpack there, and while my dad fished we'd run up and down the peaks training for the cross country season.

    Fight the Resistance from Territory Run Co. on Vimeo.