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    I love to run and hike and explore mountains and wilderness because it feeds a deep and undeniable need for wildness and an escape from the manmade world. It's therapeutic, and spiritual, and immensely satisfying; and it's all those things because it provides a true mindfulness that's extremely hard to attain amongst the radio static of our usual modern lives.




    Waldo 100k (2012) 11th place 12:00

    The Bear 100 (2012) 19th place 24:48

    Fat Dog 120 (2013) 5th place 35:07

    Tahoe 200 (Inaugural, 2014) 8th place 70:36

    Ultra Fiord 110k (Inaugural, 2015) 8th place 22:36


    Yosemite to Tahoe w/ Jeff Boggess (200 mile semi-supported fast pack, 2014) 5 days

    Bailey Traverse w/ Brian Donnelly (Single Push OKT, 2015) 25:38

    Cordillera Huayhuash Circumnavigation w/ Brian Donnelly & Nick Triolo (unsupported fast pack, 2016) 3.5 days


    Mt. Hood South Side Route PR (Round trip from Timberline Lodge) 3:22



    PDX Triple Crown (Mt. Hood, Mt. Defiance, and Wildwood E2E in a day!)

    Tillamook 50k

    Mount Baker Ultra Marathon

    Tour du Mont Blanc (5-day fast pack)

    Ptarmigan Traverse (1-day)

    Bailey Traverse (2-day fast pack)

    Sierra High Route (7-day fast pack)


    Where I live:

    I live in Portland, Oregon because it's the best balance of urban living with very easily accessible trails, mountains and wilderness nearby.  Although the craziness of all the ails of urban living and can be draining (and therefore necessarily remedied with time outdoors) I do love cities and the cultural perks that come with them, being born and raised in Chicago after all.

    Home Trail(s): 

    Gorge--Rock of Ages loop

    PNW--Loowit Trail, Mt. St. Helens 

    US--Hermit Trail, Grand Canyon Nat'l Park

    Internat'l--Hardergrat, Switzerland