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    One of our favorite things to do in summer is go for a run and follow it up with a dip in a swimming hole, lake or river. We have made it a priority this summer to find as many cool swimming hole runs as possible.  

    All you need to do to get started is sign up here for the cost of shipping.

    When you sign up you receive a Territory Run Koozie and will be entered into our amazing raffle!

    The Challenge: Seek out a route that includes a stop to cool off in a body of water to chill out your hot summer run. Make sure you snap a photo of your swim spot and share with us. Our favorite swim spot will win the Run & Dip Prize Pack! 

    The winning Run Dip: Kendra Goffredo

    "Perfection Lake, about 7 miles into the 19.5 mile traverse.  I chose this picture because the water is perfectly clear, and one can see my running shoes on my feet, kicking through the cold water!" Photo by Eric Yan 

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