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    Monthly Challenge

    Community- Run Team September



    Check out Stephanie's article here, titled, 3 Critical Benefits of Trail Running

    The Book she references: Lost Connections

    I am proposing The Group Run Project.

    It is an important piece of our humanity to be around people consistently.  I failed at being consistent at group runs in the past but after hearing from friends and how their community runs and have had a big positive impact on their lives I am inspired.

    I am starting a small group run this month to try to create a meaningful interaction with friends on a regular basis. I will keep you posted on how it goes but I'd also like to get more people in on this. If you are interested in starting one or want to commit to attending a group run each week let me know. Id love to hear about it.  

    Also, if you have been part of a successful group run it would be great to hear about the elements that make it thrive.

    Email me at Brett@territoryrun.co

    If you are looking to start a group run check out this new article by Jessica Carroll. She took the reins of a group run in Austin and turned it into one of the best attended runs in the country.  She tells a little bit about how she did it. 

    February Challenge


    One minute of plank once a day for all of February.


    Sign up here to get in on the February Challenge. Those who complete the challenge (we trust your word) will be put into a raffle to win a UD vest this month. 

     I am committing one minute of plank for every day in February.