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    Territory Run Podcast

    How Running Promoted Deep Conversation

    Episode 2- How Running Promotes Deep Conversation with Aaron Burrick


    Have you wondered why you have profound thoughts or personal conversations while running even if you just met the person alongside you? Aaron Burrick MSW offers an explanation to the question and gets us thinking what is at play in our minds while our legs repetitively advance us.

    The Performance Enhancing Powers of Sleep


    Episode 1- The Performance Enhancing Powers of Sleep with Dr. Sean Robinson

    On our first podcast episode we dive into the importance of sleep in relation to its performance enhancing effects on running and our well-being. Territory Run Ambassador, Dr. Sean Robinson breaks it down for us so that sleep will be something we all focus much more of our attention on. 

    Sean's Book Recommendation - Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker Phd

    Music by Josh Petrone