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    Seattle, WA

    I’m a clinical social worker and writer living in Seattle, Washington. I grew up in Simsbury, Connecticut, and moved to Seattle two years ago to find a better work-life balance and accept my dream job as a school counselor. Since then, I’ve developed a deep love and appreciation for trail running, the outdoors, and the landscape of the Pacific Northwest. After a morning in the Issaquah Alps or around the loop trail of Discovery Park, you’re likely to find me enjoying a stack of Snoqualmie Falls chocolate chip pancakes, ordering a Tandoozy naan from the Ballard Farmer’s Market, or sampling this month’s lineup at Salt and Straw.

    As a mental health professional, you spend a lot of time in other people’s heads and even more time reflecting and processing in your own. Three years ago, I started running to free myself form all of that. To get out of my own thoughts and experience the present-mindedness that comes from putting one foot in front of the other. To challenge myself in tangible and difficult ways, and watch my body become stronger in response. To connect with like-minded, passionate people who share this love of self-improvement and the outdoors. Time passed, and I noticed myself becoming a more focused, thoughtful, and compassionate person. But for all of its rewards, my first few years with this sport haven’t been easy. The line between goal-driven and inflexible is thin, and I’m continuing to work on listening to my body and training in a way that is holistic, healthy, and sustainable. I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

    And here’s my social media…

    IG: @aaronburrick

    Twitter: @aaronburrick

    Strava: @aaronburrick