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    Birmingham, AL

    I'm an avid trail runner, sports chiropractor, photographer, and amateur conservationist. Trail running has been the perfect balance of all of my passions over the last decade or so. I live in Birmingham, AL, with my wife, the other Dr. Beard, and I guess you could call the trails at Oak Mountain State Park my second home.

    I suffered a femur fracture when I was 9 years old, which resulted in a titanium rod and screws. My surgeon told me that I would never run again, and since that time, I've been trying to prove both him and myself wrong. A constant theme in my running journey has been a slight bit of imposter syndrome. I didn't come from a running background, and I have to remind myself that running isn't about my past, but instead, it's about using my body to connect with my environment and to push the limits of what I think is possible.