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    I run to remember. I run for order. I run because I fear disorder. I run because the folds of my belly say run. I run because wolves run. I run towards. I run away. I run to feel, to feel, to feel. I run because it’s free, because it’s egalitarian, because it’s subversive, because people tell me I shouldn’t. I run because there aren’t memberships or green fees. I run because 4.5 billion years of evolution watch me and wonder if I’ll keep using these legs. I run to thank heart and lungs. I run to praise gravity. I run for those who can’t. I run to feel strong. I run until I’m weak.

    I run towards this new world, a world where humans remain fair-footed and landscapes bubble with life on the move, always on the move, running and flying and swimming and dancing. I run to catch up, to join this movement, the movement towards attention, towards subtle mind, towards pumping heart, lactic burn, and clenched teeth.

    I run to remember.




    Numerous podium finishes at PNW ultra races

    Oregon Pacific Crest Trail overall and self-supported FKT, 7d 22h 37m

    Wonderland Trail unsupported FKT, 25h 48m

    Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru, self-supported, 3.5 days

    Wildwood Trail end-to-end (30.2 miles), 3h 37m 16s



    My goals are mostly about spending time outside with my family and friends. It’s important to step away from the easy comforts and conveniences of day-to-day life and be still and quiet in wild places. Simplifying the way I exist, even for just a day or two, informs my perspective in such a positive way. Walking and running trails, living out of a pack, and sleeping under open skies reminds me how little I need to be truly happy. I have lots of adventures planned for 2017. To name a few: I’m racing the Quicksilver 100K in California, running around Mont Blanc in Europe, and I’m planning to complete the Sierra High Route in California. I also want to take a stab at some fastest known times on more PNW trails that inspire me.


    Where I live:

    I live on the fringe of Forest Park in Portland Oregon.


    Home Trails:

    For gratitude, love and intimate knowing, Wildwood Trail.

    For magic and beauty, Wonderland Trail.

    For pure bliss, off trail in the high mountains.