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    Indianapolis, Indiana

    Why I run - Running for me has become much more than races or finishing medals. It started a few years ago as a way to spend time with my oldest daughter but has changed into more of a mediation and opportunity for me to learn about myself. Like everyone, I am so busy. Running is a way for me to stop the hurried nature of live and enjoy the simple pleasure of movement in nature. It can so quickly reorient and refocus, which is why I run. 
    As a husband to an amazing and beautiful wife and a father of two pretty cool daughters my time is limited. Thankfully my oldest daughter also loves to run so we run quite a bit together, but my biggest challenge...is time. Especially when training for longer races, getting the miles in every week can be a big challenge. But like anything, if you want it bad enough you'll find a way. So I am becoming well acquainted with 4:30am:) We all have the same 24 hours. Having a race on the calendar actually helps me prioritize my time much better than if I didn't have a race coming up. It helps me be more intentional with my running, which means I'm more intentional about my job and family.
    This year I've been training for my first 100 mile race, The Indiana Trail 100. So many hours have been logged into this endeavor and I'm equally excited and scared for race day. Regardless of the outcome it will be a very long day in the woods...which is never a bad thing.