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    Cleveland, OH

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    Elizabeth Schneider

    Favorite home trail:

    The Buckeye Trail if I'm running in CVNP, but Sulphur Springs if I'm running in the Metroparks.

    Why I run:

    I run because I need to feel that wildness I keep hidden from 9-5. I run because the trail community is so uplifting, eclectic, and encouraging. I run because it shows me things I might miss out on otherwise- physically, mentally, and emotionally. I run because it means I always start my day out on the right foot (ba-dum-cha!)

    Boston's best kept secret:

    The entire East side, pretty much. Observatory Park in Montville for nerdtastic night programs. Beachland Tavern near Waterloo for the best music shows. Chesterland Tavern for the best burgers and fries.  

    Best place for Pizza or tacos:

    Tacos: Barrio!  West side Pizza: Angelos. East side Pizza: The Wild Goose (specifically El Guapo, omgandhi, the best taco pizza)