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    Allison Dobbs

    Favorite home trail

    Enchanted Forest at Apex Park - it's....enchanting. But also Green Mountain in Lakewood - I'm there the most and it really doesn't get old. Oh and North Table Mountain because it ends at a brewery.

    Why I run

    So that I can eat as many tacos as I want. But also to get outside and get away from everything else - regardless of the weather or what's going on that day. I'm always in a better mood after a run - maybe not always during. But definitely after. And I adore the community.

    Denver's best kept secret

    Sweet Cow Creamery - Nerds Nerds Nerds. Best ice cream shop - best ice cream flavor. It's even more of a secret because I have to go every week to check and see if they have Nerds Nerds Nerds...a travesty I tell you.

    Best place for Pizza or tacos

    You can find me at Mezcal on East Colfax almost every Tuesday for $1 tacos. Hops & Pie on Tennyson for pizza!