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    Segment 1: Power Hiking

    POWER Hiking Functional Fitness

    Begin applying the power hiking techniques we have laid out in Segment 1. 
    Mountaineer, Euro and Finding the Stairs. Keep notes on what you notice when you start using these approaches.  

    Begin working One-legged Squats and the Four Part Pushup into your routine. 


    One-Legged Squats
    Lower slowly (3-4 second count). The slower eccentric contractions are the most effective to strengthen the quads.
    For greater range of motion you could do it from a bench or chair lowering slowly all the way to the ground and then pushing back up
    3 sets of 8 reps on each leg. 


    The Four Part Pushup
    3 sets of 10 reps
    Do this 3 times a week. Pick your days, mark it in your calendar and stay on it!

    SEGMENT 2: Uphill Running


     Uphill Running Functional Fitness


    The key to these techniques will be turning them into habit. On your runs this week, think about the following before you start running and again while you are climbing uphill.

    1.Lower your arms and align with the steepness of hill.

    2.Quicken your cadence.

    3.Lean into the hills.

    4. Implement the mountaineer side steps.

    5. Stay in the Good Bubble- keeping your eyes focused on the immediate area around you and not too far up the hill.

    Functional Fitness

    Start doing that perfect plank once a day for at least one minute.  You will be amazed by the results of just doing this one minute a day.


    Yassine's Mantra for Uphill Running:
    Since it is easy to get down on yourself while climbing uphill Yassine created a mantra to keep spirits high. During the Western States 100 he utilized the mantra, "I am made for this." 
    Whatever you want your mantra to be make sure it is something that makes you feel powerful and say it over and over again!
    Visualization can be extremely effective as well. We remember hearing an interview with Lauren Fleshman after the 2012 Olympic Trials 5000 meter run. 
    She said she had been doing visualization during the race, visualizing a lion- standing for courage. As she described this the reporter asked, “So were you running from the lion?” “No,” she replied, “I WAS the lion.” 
    I get chills every time I think about that.
    Create a powerful visual during your runs to keep your mind strong and powerful!

    Segment 3: Downhill Running

    Downhill Functional Fitness


    Again, start forming some habits with the following:

    1. Stay out of the bad bubble. Keep your sights out further in front of you. 

    2. Pick that line.

    3. Quicken the cadence just like in uphill running.

    4. Practice the defensive stance.

    5. Breath! It can be easy to forget to breath while we tighten up and run downhill. Take steady deep breaths.

    Functional Fitness

    Work in skipping. This is a great warm up before a run.  

    Purchase a ladder or use tape to make markings for ladder workouts.