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    I run to know what I’m thinking and feeling, to be surprised, to inhabit the raw animal of my body, to push the limits of my spirit, to know what beauty and failure feel like. I run to feel the archaic power of the earth, to feel magic, solitude, pain, fellowship. I grew up in a part of Maine that, a century before, had been pastured farmland, but had become wild again, with bears and moose wandering through the yard, eagles and ravens and hawks flying overhead. Because the earth had been rewilded, I knew that I could be as well, and running has been one the best ways to embody that.

    Running is an elegant and simple way to move through the landscape, a kind of apprenticeship to the living, breathing earth. It grounds me-literally- and connects me with my ancient ancestors and the animals around me. Running’s relentless clarity filters out the unnecessary, reveals what is important. I run for reasons I do and do not know, but I learn more with every run.



    Achievements and Races:

    2005: Three week solo Brooks Range Traverse in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

    2007: Weeklong solo sea kayak journey around southern end of Eleuthera, Bahamas

    2008: Solo run traverse of Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan, 10 hrs, 37 minutes.

    2012-Winter ski traverse of Baxter State Park, Maine.

    2014-Leading Backcountry Sea kayak trip in Glacier Bay as part of environmental writing class

    2015-2016 Pineland Trail Festival-Winning Relay Team

    2016-Research Expedition in Peruvian Amazon

    2016 Vermont 50


    Where I live:

    Alongside the western shore of the New Meadows River; Brunswick, Maine


    Home Trail:

    Lafayette Ridge Trail, White Mountains, New Hampshire