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    I’m a Swedish runner roaming the trail around the world. I’m a photojournalist, writer and filmmaker previously based mainly in Africa covering areas affected by armed conflict. For almost 10 years I was living in countries such as South Sudan, Central African Republic and covered conflicts in Afghanistan, Yemen, Mali among other places. 

    In 2015 I was diagnosed with severe PTSD and had to move back to Sweden. Insomnia, depression and unable to look after myself I tried to grasp what was happening to me. I had to find out the hard way who I was. Slowly I fell to the depths of life and in the end hit the bottom with two choices: Either continue to another world or start the journey back to the world I came from. A long time with intense therapy started. Moving in at my mums place so she could look after me during my lows, my life was limited to a small area. From traveling the world as a lifestyle I now had to cope with an apartment and a therapy room. The only thing outside left for me: The trails.

    A runner since many years running now became a lifeline. A piece of air to my lungs tormented by anxiety. A window to the world. A moment of mindful action. I started run longer with no expectation than to put one feet in front of the other and breathe deeply. In the end I ran 100 kilometers just because I could not cope with reality. 

    Today, I have changed my life, work less, moved out in the countryside and started farming. I run more but still with little expectation more than the running itself.

    I’m working a lot with running-related events and adventures for various European media-houses in text, photos and film. I’m a part of the Swedish ultra-running community and regularly run trail races (100 milers and such). I’m in the process of starting a Bed and Breakfast for runners. Last year I traversed Sweden and Norway Solo being self-sufficient all the way and this year I ran with snowshoes and hauling a sled over 150 kilometers in the north of Sweden during peak-winter.

    For instagram: www.instagram.com/searchingforzocherman
    Personal web: www.zocherman.com