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    Burlington, VT

    Running has always made me a better naturalist and studying the natural world has made me a better runner. Running takes me out the front door and into the nearest forest, and a naturalists’ curiosity lures me around the next bend in the river, over the next ridge-top, down the next turn of the canyon – just another 5 or 10 miles – watching the forest structure change, muttering Latin names under my breath, stopping occasionally to admire the intricate relationships between the “little things that run the world”.

    Favorite local place to run:
    Lone Rock Point – Burlington, VT.

    Favorite Destination Run:
    Bridger Range – Bozeman, MT

    Post Run Eatery:
    My front porch – letting dough rise while I’m out on the trails, I preheat the oven and pick some fresh veggies as I cool down. Before long I’ve got fresh-baked sourdough pizza and a beer in hand.

    Winter’s short days have always threatened to derail my running routine. Running the same packed-down trails of lumpy ice in the dark all winter long has left me rusty and sore once spring finally comes. These past couple of years I’ve learned to adapt to each season’s challenges, and to embrace the quiet of the woods at night. A few miles each evening on skis and snowshoes satisfied my itch for a runner’s routine and reacquainted me with some of the nocturnal creatures of the north woods.