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    Portland, OR

    I discovered my love for running young, spending the long summer days of my youth chasing my brother around the forests and fields of our parent’s farm.

    Over the years I’ve fallen in and out of love with with the sport, and what it has meant to me has changed. Today, running grounds and inspires me. It’s where I find peace after a stressful day. It’s the thread that connects all my mountain passions, and It gives me a solid base to launch deep into the backcountry.

    In 2015 I hiked the Sierra High Route; a 200 mile mix of trail and scrambling in the Northern Sierra. This was my first experience with long-distance off-trail backpacking, and it put me through the wringer. I spent 11 days alone, hiking from dawn to dusk. I got lost a bunch, bloodied my shins on loose boulders, and spent a lot of time questioning why I do these things. I came out of the wilderness with new eyes for what I’m capable of and a better understanding of why I go there.

    These days I love scheming big human powered adventures and laughing heartily with friends old and new. When I'm not enjoying the amazing running community in Portland, OR you can find me wandering the mountains on foot or hanging out by the river with a book and a pen.

    My latest project is built to inspire us to change our view of time and build community around outdoor experience. You can find it at alpenflo.com and instagram.com/alpenflo