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    The new year brings big goals and renewed spirit for health and running adventures, but we all know that there is a chance that energy for our new projects will fade.

    So how do we ensure we will keep it up and move toward what we want?

    This is the hard part. The day-in-day-out grind of chasing down our goals.  

    I have tried many tools throughout the years, but most left me slowly losing sight of my goals. I realized it was because I wasn't looking directly at them.

    I didn't have success until I started putting my goals and dreams right in front of me.

    I created a list on a bulletin board of what I wanted in my life and I was forced to see it everyday.  And it worked!

    So we put together the Resistance Kit to overcome the struggle of staying true to your dreams.  We created minimal products that you can start implementing this first month of 2018.

    The Resistance Wall Calendar

    Use the Resistance Wall Calendar to set how many and which days you plan to run each month.

    We have created a simple system that makes it easy to document your goals and then check them off once completed.

    Simply write in the word "Run" and draw a small box below it.

    Each box is now a planned run for the month.  Once you complete your planned run, you check off its corresponding box. 

     You are now holding yourself accountable!

    Intention Cards

    Intention Cards are for the powerful statements/intentions you want to look at it each morning when you wake up, to remind yourself what you want in your life while you are at work or what you are grateful for at the end of the day.  

    The Morning Manifesto

    It always helps to have tricks up your sleeve to keep yourself on task. Grit is all about consistent effort day in and day out and we can't always do that on our own. 

    The Morning Manifesto is a detailed guide created by our community on how to make the most of your morning and ensure you get out for your planned runs.  

    Shop the Resistance Kit Now and Get a Free Klean Kanteen Water Bottle


    And if you would rather access this right now you can print it yourself with this downloadable kit here.

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