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    Seattle born and raised, the ranges of the Pacific Northwest are where I cut my teeth and first learned of the magic of moving quickly through rugged places. Always inclined to create in the space that I am occupying, I began shooting images on the trail and realized my viewfinder would see so much more if I could run through these extensively networked trails.

    After a four year hiatus in Bellingham studying design and learning what trail running had to offer in the famous Chuckanuts, I returned to Seattle where I now work as a photographer, videographer, and designer, spending as much time as possible exploring our backyard with my camera and the friends who make up this community.

    I'm constantly inspired by the way trail runners express creativity by drawing lines on a map that might never occur to another person and I'm always thrilled to explore new places with new faces. Also always in search of the next cup of backcountry coffee