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    Newsflash: running is hard.

    As a runner, you:

    • Get out in the pre-dawn or post-sunset hours and motivate your tired body to jog through the darkness…even when you don’t feel like it.
    • Deal with the noise in your head screaming you aren’t fast enough, fit enough, or strong enough - and silence it so you can keep going.
    • Carve out pieces of your busy day to sweat, move, sprint, and run across streets and trails.

    You know running is hard.

    You face the doubts and your alarm clock every morning.  And sometimes, you can’t get yourself out the door no matter what.


    You also believe that the run is worth fighting for, no matter what.

    You push through the darkness.  Get out of bed.  Lace up your shoes.  Run.

    And the other side is damn beautiful.  

    Here’s what I know:

    Running is hard.  There's no way around that.

    But it doesn’t have to feel like mission impossible.

    Over the last 2 years, I have had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of runners, and to learn the tactics and strategies they use to break past the noise and resistance.

    People like Alley, who who transformed her approach to the morning run using tactic #1 from the Runners Tactical Manifesto (more on that in a sec):

    These "runners tools" really work when you apply them. I've compiled the best, proven tactics into one killer toolkit.  Some of these are my tactics, but most came from from talking to hundreds of runners over the last 2 years.

    Which means you get the BEST of those tactics and strategies, in one killer Manifesto:


    Get the Fight for the Run Manifesto

    Think of it as a toolbox for runners.  You don’t have to use it ALL the time, but when you need it - it’s there for you.

    This is what I do every day to fight for the run.


    Sign up with your email address to receive a free manifesto created by our community containing best practices to make all your scheduled runs happen.

    Contains proven tactics to fight the resistance and get out on your run. Compiled from by hundreds of runners. Packed full of strategies you can implement immediately that will get you out the door, even when you don't feel like it.  This is a digital document that you can take anywhere, or print up and frame it for your wall.