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    Seattle, WA

    I run for a myriad of reasons but find most of the time I run because I simply enjoy it.  I write this short bio as autumn settles in. Now that the weather’s changed, I’ve been spending my solo runs either listening to Harry Potter audiobooks or the leaves crunching under my feet. There is a slight panic this time of year to make the most of every decent-weathered day we have as winter looms ominously in the distance. 

    I have made many great friends on the trails. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this amazing community in the Pacific Northwest. From volunteering, running, or being the photographer at races, to wearing a Territory or local running shop t-shirt, I rather enjoy striking up a conversation with anyone who even remotely looks like a runner or an outdoor enthusiast.  It’s been wonderful exploring new distances each year and sharing miles with friends. I also enjoy lemon drops, Vince Guaraldi, and cribbage.