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    MT BAKER LODGE (Mt Baker Ski Area), Deming, Washington

    Just over an hour drive from Bellingham, WA


    Wednesday September 14th- Sunday September 18th 2022

    What is Territory Run Camp?

    A getaway from the hustle of life to live close to nature, run free, learn from amazing people in our community and connect with other like minded trail runners. 


    This is a camp for beginner to seasoned trail runners and mid to back of the pack type runners.  We know what it can feel like for less experienced runners to come to a running camp so we are offering different mileage/route options each day. You can choose what feels best for you and we will help link you up with other guests for your daily adventure.


    This is an opportunity to meet people from all over the country. Our dining area is a great place to share meals, beer, coffee/tea and connect with trail runners.

    The only thing that topped the wonderful food and trails is the people themselves. What a blast to hang out with such funny and adventurous people for a few days. This was my favorite running experience of the year. I still keep in touch with the awesome people I met.

    -Kevin Menzie, Denver CO


    You will learn from our amazing guest speakers who will talk each night not just about running but ourselves, and the the wilderness around us.


    This is an amazing camp in the mountains where running brings us together but we connect on a whole lot more, learn from inspiring guest speakers, make new friends and come back with stories.

    The dorm rooms are bunk style just like camp when we were kids. There are many partitioned rooms that you will share with 4-5 individuals that contain windows with the mountain views outside! 


    The North Cascades are easily one of the most beautiful areas of the country and we can't wait to show it to you!



    Everything about the North Cascades festival was like a “choose your own adventure” running vacation!  

    You could run alone or with a group, run near the lodge or travel to awesome nearby trails, spend all day running or take a break and hangout at the lodge, stay for the whole long weekend or just a couple days. And at the end of the day, you’ll be fed amazing meals that accommodate all your dietary restrictions.

    It was a great introduction to trail running in the PNW!

    -Bethany Bauerlin, Nashville TN



    What's included with the camp sign up:

    1. Run Camp T-shirt

    2. Shuttle to the Lodge

    We will provide a shuttle from the Bellingham Airport to the lodge on the first day of camp.

    3. Accomodations

    The Baker Lodge sits high in the North Cascades surrounded by epic mountain views and literally hundreds of miles of trails. Owned and operated by the Mountaineers, the lodge is a hub of mountain activity in every season. It’s bunk style accommodations is divided between men’s, women’s, and family sleeping areas. It boasts a full kitchen, hot showers, and a gear drying room (typically used in winter but could come in very handy should the weather turn). The camp has reserved exclusive access to the lodge for the duration of the camp and it will serve as the base camp for the week's activities. 

    4. Food & Drinks

    As bookends to each day staff will have the lodge kitchen operating at full capacity serving up delicious breakfast and dinner fare.  Healthy, seasonal, local, are the standard for these “lodge” cooked meals and menus cater to the carnivore, vegetarian, and vegan alike. For lunch, light options will be available along with a sample selection of bars, gels, and assorted trail food.  

    There will also be kombucha, tea, beer and wine available throughout the week.

    5. Access to the Trails

    From the door of the lodge one looks directly into the Mt. Baker Wilderness. There is no need to drive anywhere because each trail in the area is connected by a trailhead only a few hundred yards from the lodge.  All the trails spend ample time above the treeline and runners are greeted with expansive views of glaciated peaks, luminescent fall foliage, and ripe huckleberries.  

    Each day of the camp, groups will be organized to experience different trails and explore the local landscape. Link-ups, combinations, and variations of all these trails are possibilities and as a result one can run each day to their hearts content weather that is 5 or even 30 miles per day.  We will also be organizing shuttles to access other trails along Highway 542 corridor.


    The Itinerary

    3:00-6:00pm. Check in at the Baker Lodge.
    The lodge is located at mile marker 55 of WA State Highway 542.
    Parking is located in the Mt. Baker Ski Area upper Heather Meadows parking lot.   
    6:00pm. Welcome and Dinner
    7:30pm. Orientation and get to know one another.
    8:30pm. Organize running groups, pack and prep for a day in the hills!
    10:00pm. Bed time
    10:30pm.  Lights out in the Lodge.

    Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    7:00am. Breakfast
    8:30am. Shuttle and organized groups depart.

    3:00pm Free time at the lodge to relax, read, hangout, share drinks with other guests
    6:00pm. Dinner
    7:30pm. Evening Speaker
    8:30pm. Organize running groups, pack and prep for a day in the hills!
    10:00pm. Bed time
    10:30pm.  Lights out in the Lodge.

    7:00am. Breakfast
    8:30am. Get ready for departure

    10:00am. The party is officially over...till next year!


    How do I get to the North Cascades?

    Fly to Bellingham, WA. We will arrange a free shuttle from Bellingham to the lodge. We will also get you back to Bellingham when we depart. Once you sign up we will correspond and ensure everyone has a ride to the lodge.

    If you would rather fly to Seattle there will also be options for several people to be picked up and shuttled to the lodge.  Alternatively, you can take a bus or train from Seattle to Bellingham. 


    Each runner is responsible for their own running kit including snacks and clothing appropriate for the possibility of rain and/or snow and/or daytime temperatures in the mid 70’s.  Comfortable evening and sleepwear, personal toiletries, and a sleeping bag/pillow are essential for the lodge. A complete recommended gear list will be sent to you closer to week of camp.

    Join us for an unforgettable week in the North Cascades!

    Territory Run Camp is organized in collaboration with Aspire Adventure Running.
    Aspire organizes single and multi-day running adventures in wilderness terrain. They provide logistical and emergency support paired with delicious meals for a unique and memorable backcountry running experience. More info on Aspire can be found here.