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    Redmond, WA

    My name is Tiare Vincent and I currently live in Redmond, Washington. I am not a natural when it comes to running but I LOVE it. I remember being in high school and doing yoga instead of PE so I wouldn’t be tested on the dreadful mile that always made me want to throw up. Leading to this, I did do the 400 in Track when I was in middle school and remember always coming in last place but my parents would tell me that it was adorable to watch because although I would be last or close to last place, I would always have the biggest smile. 

    I didn’t really start running again until I was 26. This was the year that I found sobriety. When I first got sober I didn’t know what to do with myself because I had no other hobbies other than drinking. Rather than going out to bars and clubs, I would run out the door and just run FREE. I would remember being in the dark for hours on a daily basis just trying to find out who I was. I eventually was drawn to trail running then started doing Ultras because my addictive personality obviously wanted to suffer and succeed. I never give up and I always have that smile on my face.

    Running helped guide me through all those years and helped me start my own company, become a yoga teacher, work for one of my favorite outdoor brands, start a run club and just truly build a beautiful community around me. It made me feel alive. To this day it is the safe space that guides me in the next direction. Through run club I started doing content creation and that brought me to a strong love for photography. Capturing the feeling of what running brings others just lights me up like nothing else!