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    Aspen, CO

    Zoë Rom is an Aspen-based writer and runner.  Southern story-teller turned mountain-dweller, she starts every day with a cup of strong coffee and a good story. Her work has appeared on NPR,  in Trail Runner, Outside, and Threshold Podcast. 

    I’m originally from Fayetteville, Arkansas, and moved to the Rocky Mountains to pursue a career in environmental and outdoor journalism. I live and run at 8,000 ft in Aspen, Colorado. My favorite home trail is Hope Pass near Twin Lakes, Colorado, but I also love a trip to the desert, especially to run in the Grand Canyon. I love exploring pizzerias of the Rocky Mountains - High Mountain Pies in Leadville and High Pie in Telluride are favorites. I’ll eat any pizza above 7,000 ft. 

    I’ve always struggled with confidence in my running. My fear of not measuring up has kept me from racing or joining running groups. I would find excuses not to run with people because I was so nervous I’d be too slow. 

    This fear was holding me back from competition - and more importantly - community. To confront my insecurity, I got a coach who pushes me and believes in me.  Even when I struggle to believe in myself, I can believe in my training. I’ve found friends who push me and encourage me. And, I’m signing up for races.