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    A Love for Running - 10 Years and Beyond

    A Love for Running - 10 Years and Beyond

    Photo of our Ten Year Party by Joe Snyder

    I created and molded Territory out of my own love for running. 

    It’s what connects us all - our love for it. 

    I am reminded of how much we owe running when I meet someone who is getting into it for the first time. They are buzzing with excitement and energized for their new passion. They talk about it with everyone who will listen. 

    I remember what it was like for me when I started. I felt like I had discovered some great secret because the world I knew always spoke negatively about running. But I was absolutely stoked on it. 

    Running gave me direction, purpose, community and a true passion. 

    It goes far beyond the word, “sport” for most of us. It connects us to nature, ourselves, it is grounding, it makes us better humans to those around us and makes us present in a world full of distractions. 

    When out running on a quiet trail, it is clear that it's not in our DNA to be in front of a computer all day or scroll through some feed on our phone mindlessly. 

    We feel so alive when we are out running because it is what we are built to be doing. 

    It is our escape from the modern hustle and we tap into a natural way of living; moving our bodies, breathing deeply, pushing ourselves and growing stronger. 

    I appreciate all of you for being a part of our 10 years and purchasing the gear we have made over those years. 

    From the beginning I wanted Territory Run to be more than apparel. I wanted to give back to the sport that has filled me with passion from a young age. So when I hear people say that they connect with the Territory Run story and message that we have put out to the world, this is what fuels me. 

    Because there is a little bit of that passion, community and love for running in each item that we sell. 

    Thank you and stay wild,


    Brett F.  

    Territory 10 Years Running

    Territory 10 Years Running

    Celebrate 10 years of Territory Run Co on May 18th at our location in St. John's. You will have a chance to shop special anniversary gear, win raffle items and connect with our partner Portland businesses.  
    Reserve your ticket here. 

    The Wildwood Relay

    The Wildwood Relay

    As part of our ten year anniversary celebration we are throwing down a team relay of our favorite trail in Portland, the Wildwood Trail. The Wildwood Relay will be a fun, two to four person run that takes your team over the 30 miles of the Wildwood Trail competing for the fastest time or having a fun day out on the trail!

    Here is how it works:

    1. You choose your team of 2-4 people. 

    2. Choose a team name and an item that you will transfer between each runner (baton, bracelet, toy dinosaur, whatever)

    3. You decide your methods; including your starting point (the zoo or Newberry Rd), your handoff locations and distances run for each person on your team. 

    4. You submit your team relay overall time. Later, we will request gpx file from each leg of your relay so make sure each person records their segment. 

    5. We post your results on our Wildwood Relay Leaderboard. 

    The Rules:

    1. You cannot have more than three handoff locations. 

    2. You cannot illegally park anywhere to make a better handoff location (obviously). 

    3. You must be courteous and share the trails with all users of the park. 


    How to Win:

    Your team has the fastest overall time in your category- (Men's, Women's, Non Binary and Open/Mix Gender)


    Suggestions for Wildwood Relay

    If you want to take all logistics on as part of the fun, by all means but if you are looking for some ideas, see below. 

    Vehicle Tip:

    Take one car for your team. Drop off your lead runner then go to second location and so on. 

    Ideas for Exchanges 

    53rd 9.25m

    Springville 22.5m



    Easy Miles Run Club

    Easy Miles Run Club

    Next Easy Miles will be Saturday May 18th at 8:30am- Sign up here


    We have often experienced shown up at group runs expecting cruising social miles and instead got a brisk pace too intense for chatting up new people. 

    We thought it was time for a chilled out group run.

    Join us for Easy Miles Run Club!

    It is our new run club that is about taking it easy out on the trails and enjoying the good company and the post run bevies.The run club is for those who want some easy miles after a harder effort day, anyone who is looking for a group run that is more about connecting with new people than getting a workout or those who are just getting started in running/ trail running.

    You can kick back to a mellow pace, not worry about being left behind and get to know some cool new folks.