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    The ideal layer for cool temperature running. 

    • Long sleeves to cover hands.

    • Snug no bounce hood with elastic trim.

    • Eco fabric made of recycled polyester.

    • 100% Polyester

    • Relaxed fit

    What's the fabric?

    The softest cotton-like feel that you will love. It has been compared to the feel of merino but this durable fabric will last far longer. 

    Our fabric is made from premium recycled polyester infused with recycled coffee grounds (yup that's right, coffee grounds) giving the hoodie superior odor repellent and moisture wicking properties. You may not smell as good as coffee but we guarantee this tee won't get smelly like a lot of your tech fabric. 

    This super powered fabric is breathable, lightweight, wicks away sweat, offers UV protection and prevents chafing.

    Beautiful muted heathered colors on the All Day Hoodie's super soft fabric makes this hoodie a rare performance lifestyle crossover for everyday wear. 

    The Fit

    True to size fit. Sizes small and medium fit longer and more relaxed than the All Day Tee. Spacious enough to be worn as a layer over a t-shirt.

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