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    Mae Polson

    Favorite home trail

    I love exploring a different trail every week, but the main staple would have to be The Middlesex Fells.  It’s an easily accessible trail system just North of Boston and there are so many great options for linking loops on beautiful single track. The best part about being in Boston too, is that if you’re up for a short drive, you can find numerous trails to explore through-out New England. Whether it’s the White
    Mountains of New Hampshire, the dense forests of Vermont, or the amazing coast lines of Maine.

    Why I Run

    When I’m outside finding new and exploring old adventures while cruising along a beautiful trail, I know that life makes the most sense. It’s my happy place and where I feel the freest to be my true self. The busy work day melts away and I can settle in to a calm and focused moment in time. I have also found that running has helped me find the best community of people and the friendships and connections I’ve
    developed through running will last a lifetime.

    Best place for tacos  

    Lonestar Taco Bar – Cambridge, MA