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    I used to run primarily because I enjoyed being competitive. I enjoyed the challenge of always working to get better and setting new goals and achieving them. Some of those things are still the same but now I run for the places it takes me both physically and mentally. Getting out on a long trail adventure now is an opportunity to explore a new place or explore my limits - often both at the same time. I'm now more likely to plot out a long adventure linking one peak to the next that I can tackle by foot, rather than worry about the stats my watch spits out at me (I'm actually not sure I know where my watch is). Exploration, community, the opportunity to be creative through running, and the challenge it brings, makes running inherently tied to who I am. I love that the sport has not only changed me, but is always changing with me.




    Attempting fastest women's unsupported time around Rainier on the Wonderland Trail (96ish miles). Spending the summer living out of my van, travelling, running, and climbing.

    Where I live:

    Mostly in Portland, OR on a sailboat, but when summer rolls around I live wherever my van takes me. (Her name is Van Go.)

    Home Trails:

    I grew up about a quarter mile from the Wildwood Trail. When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to go into the forest on my own which gave it an aura of mystery and a hint of trouble (In high school I actually snuck out at midnight on New Year's with my best friend to try and get the first run on Wildwood of the year. I'm guessing I probably did). No matter where I travel or where I have lived, coming back to Wildwood has always felt like coming home.