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    For me, running is about making different kinds of connections. I run to connect with a different mental groove and life pace. Through running, I connect to friends and community, sharing dreams, adventures and inspiration. I connect to my identity, my past to my present. When I run I feel a connection to something timeless, my evolution, biology, and design. Sometimes running is simply an unfiltered connection with the natural world, a fusion of feet and earth and lungs and air. Mostly, running just connects me to balance.




    Winner - Oregon Trail Ultrarunning Series (2011)

    Sub-19 hour finish at Western States 100 Miler (2012). Qualified through Montrail Cup (Waldo 100K)

    Completed first-known crossing of the entire Baja Peninsula on foot in one day (70 miles, 2013)

    FKT for Mexico's Sierra Laguna Picacho (2012 - 7,090 feet, 6k of vertical in 9 miles; 2hrs, 35min)

    First place - Capitol Peak 50, White Salmon Mountain Half, Macdonald Forest 50k.



    May/June - Southern Spain/Portugal - surfing and running and reporting on the Primavera Music Festival.

    July - Missoula Marathon (my first!)

    August - Guiding two circumnavigations of Mount Rainier

    September - the Rut 50k (Big Sky, MT) and the High Sierra Route


    Where I Live:

    Missoula, Montana.


    Home Trails:

    South Summit of Missoula's Mount Sentinel is a regular soul-stirrer. But Wildwood in Portland's Forest Park reigns supreme. It's where it all started for me. Or the 80-mile circuit around Cordillera Huayhuash in the Peruvian Andes. That was nice, too.

    "The Crossing" © 2014 from Michael Hanich on Vimeo.