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    Favorite home trail:Any trail on Cougar Mountain.  I have spent countless hours on Cougar and somehow still find new trails to explore.  It is conveniently close to the city and offers tons of short and long loops, overlooks, and waterfalls.  

    Why  I run

    I run to pursue the unknown but still desired. I chase after beautiful sunsets, silhouettes of a better me, and goals that no longer seem like dreams.  Running wakes up my senses and spirit, running is my gateway to reality.  I run because I find stability in constant motion.

    Seattle's best kept secret
    I am going to fill you in on 3 secrets: $7.00 growler fills at Georgetown Brewery, custard filled doughnuts from General Porpoise, & a big bowl of ramen from Yoroshiku Ramen + Modern Izakaya.

    Best place for Pizza or tacos
    Being obsessed with all things pizza, this was a toughie but I was able to narrow my list of ten down to two.  If you are in the mood for fancy pizza, look no further and head straight to Bar Del Corso! Smoked mozzarella, charred greens, and a perfectly chewy, slightly bubbled crust... OMG!! Humble Pie is another worthy contender that serves up a mean and unique pizza!! They will even bake fresh eggs on top of your pizza using eggs from their onsite chickens! The place is pretty bare bones but I like to think that adds to their humble charm.