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    It has become routine and simple to take smartphones on our long runs through the forests and mountains. We have an opportunity to capture amazing photos in the places we run and we want to give you the tips to take the best photos possible. 


    Here are some of our key tips to create the most impact with the photos you take while trail running.


    1.  How to avoid the dreaded running "blur."

    A lot of us don't want to stop running to take a photo but the only way to get a clear photo is by stopping, keep a steady hand and then snap your photo.

    2. Know a few key settings on your phone

    There are bunch of settings on your phone that you can use to your advantage.  One of these is the photo burst. By holding down the shutter button on your phone you can take a bunch of photos in rapid succession which will increase your chances for that perfect photo of your running buddy.


    3. Composition 

    Good photography is all about layout and composition.  The rule of thirds is a common technique used by photographers to layout a photograph with a more engaging perspective. This involves placing your subject one third of the way from the edges of your photograph.


    4. Lighting

    It's all about the time of day that you get out there.  The golden hours around sunrise and sunset are sure to enhance the imagery of a photo with its shadows and beautiful natural colors.


    And in just a week we will be giving you the chance to learn all of our trail running photography secrets.  

    The Course is now open. Sign up below.