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    Territory Run Podcast

    Mastering Resilience

    With Aaron Burrick

    Aaron Burrick beautifully describes how we can take the resilience we have developed as runners and apply it to our lives during the pandemic.  Also, check out Aaron's insightful article titled, "When the World Bonks: Three Beliefs to Build Resilience."

    Aaron Burrick is a trail runner, writer, and clinical social worker living in Issaquah, WA. You can find him on social media @aaronburrick and online at www.aaronburrick.com.

    How to Stay Injury Free- Yassine Diboun as your Guide

             photo by Cortney White

    Yassine Diboun has had almost 100 ultramarathon finishes, 12 finishes at the 100-mile distance and a Western States top 10 finisher in 2013. 

    In addition to his impressive resume, what makes him stand out is the very few injuries he has had over his career. Yassine will break down what he thinks is absolutely crucial to staying injury free in this sport. 

    This interview was recorded before the murder of George Floyd so we didn't touch on the subject however Yassine has written a powerful article in Trail Runner Magazine and had a great discussion on the Ginger Runner Live that you should definitely check out.

    Yassine has also written an article for us all about his routine for staying injury free here.

    Finally. if you are looking to learn more from Yassine check out Head for the Hills- an online course by Wy'east Wolfpack for improving your abilities to travel up and down hills and mountains more efficiently.  

    Interview with NoÈ Alvarez

    Author of Spirit Run: A 6,000 Mile Journey Through North America's Stolen Land


    Noè Alvarez discusses his book Spirit Run: A 6,000 Mile Marathon through North America's Stolen Land. At the young age of 19, Noè took part in a run from Canada to Central America called the Peace and Dignity Journeys. In our interview, Noè shares his views on running and how each run can be a transformative experience. He offers the back story of how he ended up dropping out of school to join the run and how it has changed him since. We recorded this over a Zoom meeting and had our guests ask Noè live questions.

    Follow Noè on Instagram @noealvarez509

    And grab a copy of Spirit Run here

    A Runner's Relationship with Pain

    With Dr. Beau Beard



    In this interview with chiropractor and trail runner, Dr. Beau Beard, we dive into our ongoing relationship with pain as runners. Dr. Beard discusses how to navigate pain, if we are guaranteed to get injured, how training is treatment and prevention and his personal philosophies on how to run as pain free as possible.

    Dr. Beau Beard

    His business: The Farm


    Discussing the Future of Territory Run Co.

    Ian Ramsey Interviewing Brett Farrell

    Ian Ramsey interviews founder of Territory Run, Brett Farrell about the background of Territory Run Co. and where it is headed in the future. We let you in on behind the scenes brainstorming and ideas for the path ahead.  

    Fill out our our survey here mentioned in the episode to share your thoughts on the future of Territory and get 20% off your next purchase

    You can find Ian's writing, blog, videos and other projects at ianramsey.net and on instagram @ian.ramsey