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    The Runners of the Wild is a community of like-minded trail runners around the world who feel more at home outside on the trails than in our busy modern lives.  

    We are a community that offers inspiration, ideas and conversation about trail running and fitting what we love into our busy lives. 

    When you join Runners of the Wild, you receive a kit which includes a team singlet featuring the Runners of the Wild badge- the emblem of wild, community and our personal journey



    The Runners of the Wild celebrate the journey of all trail runners and create a network of like minded trail runners all over the world. 

    If you are traveling to new places you can connect with others to obtain info on the best trails, potentially have someone to run with and even a place to crash. 

    Over the past two years, we grew the Portland Runners of the Wild to a point where it has connected over 100 people to new running partners and strong friendships.

    Now we want to accept more people to the team in order to grow communities elsewhere, as we have done in Portland.

    Each city will soon have a facebook group to network, find running partners, to create group runs and social events.



    Our Featured Runners of the Wild